The Seventh Day – Bet She’an

I woke up this morning so exhausted. I’m all right once I get going, but I’m really not getting enough sleep for the amount of energy I’m expending. At least today was a fairly easy day. I can’t wait for our free day on Monday and I have no idea how I’m going to manage tomorrow, particularly as it’s meant to be a major wet, windy storm tomorrow.

Anyway, we left at 8am and headed south to Bet She’an, where I gave my second talk.

Map - Bet She'an

On the way, we passed some sheep. I was wondering when we’d see sheep (we hadn’t yet) because they’re mentioned so often in the Bible.

01 - First Sheep

Most of the ruins at Bet She’an – which is still a modern city – are from the Roman and Byzantine periods.

02 - Arena

this arena was just by the side of the road

03 - Millstone

a millstone

04 - Model

a model – the living quarters are speculation as they’re under the modern city

05 - Judas Tree

this is the tree from which Judas hung himself in Jesus Christ Superstar

06 - Public Toilets

Yuval demonstrating the public toilets

08 - Sauna

sauna – heating is run under the floor, which rests on these pillars

There were lots of mosaics.

10 - Me

this is a ghastly photo of me

09 - Baptismal Font

A Byzantine-era baptismal font just outside the public baths. You can see it’s half-way between a mikveh and the modern fonts and baptisteries we have today. This is before baptism was done by a pastor or priest to someone, back when people baptised themselves. They stripped their clothes off and walked into it, just like in a mikveh. The plaster and paint here is original.


4 thoughts on “The Seventh Day – Bet She’an

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    I hope that having a day off you can get some energy back. I get tired just reading what you are doing but I hope you are enjoying it just the same!

  2. Jo Creek says:

    Holidays & touring can be very tiring. Just sitting in a bus can be tiring! It will be for a short time, then you’ll be home again, so I hope you can manage on what sleep you’re getting until then.

  3. astraya says:

    My brain was working faster than my eyes. I read ‘this is the tree from which Judas hung himself’ and thought ‘oh – come – ON!’ before seeing the last four words.

    • Rachel says:

      I wondered who would notice. I thought it would be mum, since she loves that musical. No, of course it’s not the actual tree from which he actually hung himself. But it’s a bit odd that they used a tree-prop so far from Jerusalem.

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