The Seventh Day – Sachneh Thermal Springs

After touring the ruins of Bet She’an, we travelling just a little bit down the road to the Sachneh Thermal Springs.

Map - Sachneh

They’re a really popular holiday park for locals. The springs run to about 26* year-round, so there were a couple of families swimming there, although we just waded.

And ate lunch.

01 - Lunch

schnitzel burger and chips

To compensate for the Western food – the only options were hamburger and chips, schnitzel-burger and chips, or hot dog and chips – I chose the strangest drink I could read the name of. It was all right for the first half, but after that it felt sickly-sweet and tasted like banana jam.

02 - ZYPS

Yuval keeps telling us that the British Mandate period had a strong influence on the law and so forth, but this is the first evidence I’ve seen of it – the English word, “chips” (spelt Z-Y-P-S) has held out against all the American influence in this country – although on the menu-board the English translation listed the meal as “snitzel and fries”

There were little fish in the wading pool which were meant to come up and nibble at your feet, but they were a little shy and we didn’t have enough time to wait and tempt them.

This is also the area where most of the story of Gideon took place.

Just in front of the Sachneh park area was a wildlife park called Gan Guru, which is a play on words – “gan” is garden, and guess what the wildlife was? Kangaroos and wallabies. There was a giant kangaroo cut-out on the bus-stop out by the road, and an Australian flag at the entrance to the park.

03 - Gan Guru

Hopefully you can see the marsupials in this garden. The camera ran out of battery here, so I couldn’t get any more pictures.


2 thoughts on “The Seventh Day – Sachneh Thermal Springs

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    So did you feel like you were at home with the kangaroos? Funny!

  2. jedika98 says:

    The lunch looks nice. Shame about the camera. You had better charge it tonight. Nice kangaroos though.

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