The Second Day – Evening (Jerusalem)

A few shots of Jerusalem out my window at night (when the weather’s finally cleared a little).

02 - Right

02 - Front

01 - Panorama

And a somewhat unfortunate choice of lift brand:

03 - Lift

People have been saying to me all day that they’ve been “caught in snow flurries”, but I’ve yet to see anything which resembles snow more than it does rain, and it hasn’t been settling, in any case. However, it’s meant to be getting down to about -4 overnight, so I’m hoping I’ll wake up in the morning to snow on the ground!

I’ve been trying to learn to sing the shema (Deuteronomy 6:4, plus a little bit added) and at least part of the kiddush, the latter in preparation for Sabbath dinner this Friday.

The shema is sung, but I can’t really convey the tune here, but here’s a really cute kid singing it:

Everywhere I’ve looked on the internet seems to have the same tune we learnt, so it’s amazingly universal. The words are:

Shema, Israel, Adonai eloheinu, Adonai echad
Barukh shem kavod malkhut-o el-olam va-ed

Hear, Israel, the Lord is your God, the Lord is one
Blessed is the great name of His kingdom forever and ever

The kiddush is spoken, and so far I have:

Barukh attah, Adonai, eloheinu, melekh ha-olam

Blessed are you, Lord, our God, king of forever


6 thoughts on “The Second Day – Evening (Jerusalem)

  1. No way! Schindler’s Lift!

  2. jedika98 says:

    Schindler was good. He save a bunch of people. So surely the lift isn’t unfortunately named?

  3. Ruth Hay says:

    I think Schindler’s Lifts must be universal, we have them here!
    I hope you had a nice restful day and are ready to do the rest of the tour now.

  4. Jo Creek says:

    I actually thought Schindler Lifts was directly related back to the well known Schindler but, no, the company was founded in Switzerland by a different Mr Schindler.

  5. Rachel says:

    Yeah, I noticed the lift on the first night because I thought it was a local brand from SA – there’s an office on South Road, I think. I’d just assumed it was some sort of witticism on the part of the company in an effort to get people to remember the name of it.

  6. astraya says:

    The book was originally titled ‘Schindler’s Ark’. The title was changed for the movie. Either way, the elevator company came before the book or movie.

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