The Fith Day – Sick Day (Jerusalem)

After getting a lot of things off my chest in the last post during about an hour of ice on my foot, I slept for an hour and a half and was woken only by the room service lad knocking on the door. I felt much better after a little more sleep and went down to the lobby to read by a sunny window for another hour and a half.

By this point, it was midday, so I came back up to my room to extract the leftover meet and (pareveh) cheese from the fridge for lunch. I hadn’t eaten at breakfast except for a cup of tea, but even so I’m struggling to keep down a little beef and cheese right now. There’s definitely something more going on than just a sore foot.

01 - Lunch

Here are some photos of the lovely day we have in Jerusalem today. It’s a pity I’m not well enough to be out in it.

02 - View

abair latha breagha!

03 - Street

I still have a few concerns.

(1) I’m running out of clean clothes. I washed two dresses and a lot of underwear at the laundromat on Monday, but I’m now wearing the second. I had another clean dress which I wasn’t meant to wear again until the flight home, but I’ve been wearing it in the evenings when I peel off wet clothes and hang them up to dry. There might be opportunity to wash at the place on the Dead Sea, but we can’t be sure. If this lovely weather keeps up, I should be able to wear my one remaining clean dress, which is a summer dress, although I may have to buy another skivvy to wear under it – if I can push the one I’m wearing today out to Saturday, then I can wear the summer dress on Sunday and on the ‘plane. But I’m not sure, and this is probably boring any readers, anyway.

(2) My foot was feeling better, but then I stood for a few minutes to take those photos and it hurt like crazy again, for quite a few minutes after I sat down. I suppose I’m just going to have to crack out my painkillers if it isn’t feeling better tomorrow.

(3) I need to go to the ATM and get some more cash today.

(4) It’s such a shame I’m missing out on a whole day of seeing Jerusalem. That said, I don’t think my foot would hold up if I went out by myself [not to mention I shouldn’t, except across the street to the ATM], and that would defeat the purpose of staying home, anyway. That also said, I’ll go mad if I have to stand through yet another long-winded explanation from Yuval orienting us to major landmarks in Jerusalem from wherever we happen to be. I’ve got it, already. And mezuzot. How many times does he think he has to explain a mezuzah to us? We all know what a mezuzah is!

(5) I have no idea how I’m going to fit everything into my suitcase. I don’t doubt I’ll be under the weight limit, it’s just… a bit small. I think I’ll have to jettison a dress and some petticoats at least – which is a shame, because all of my dresses are in good enough condition to wear for another season, at least.

(6) I’m still tired, but I don’t want to go to sleep again in case I can’t sleep tonight.




6 thoughts on “The Fith Day – Sick Day (Jerusalem)

  1. jedika98 says:

    It is good to hear you are feeling better. I hope your foot holds out tomorrow. Also this is going to sound like a stupid question but can’t you just wash the clothes again?

    • Rachel says:

      Well, we could do it through the hotel laundry, which is 15 shekels a shirt and 5 shekels for each piece of underwear (I don’t have that sort of money). We were considering taking it to the laundromat (more of a dry-cleaner) tonight and picking it up tomorrow evening, but we can’t risk that they’ll be closed for Shabbat before we get back tomorrow. I could take it today, but I don’t know where the laundromat is.

  2. Ruth Hay says:

    it looks like a lovely sunny day. Do you have a bandage for your foot? I hope there is not too much walking for the next few days. Spraining a foot could have happened to anyone. I have emailed you some suggestions about your clothes and flying home suitcase situation.

    • Rachel says:

      Yes; one of the ladies in the group gave me a small bandage. In fairness, though, with two pairs of socks and squeezed into lace-up shoes, I don’t think I really need a bandage!

  3. Jo Creek says:

    Wash undies in the shower each day and leave them drying in a cupboard, though you risk them not getting dried in time. Or forgetting they’re in the cupboard, which wouldn’t be good 🙂
    Nice to see fine weather again!

    • Rachel says:

      Oddly, the only thing I have enough of clean is undies. I haven’t managed to wash any bras (although I did one in the sink and put it over the heater). I’ve just finished sorting through my suitcase, and I have 1 clean dress, 2 that can be worn at a pinch, 1 clean pair of leggings, maybe one pair of socks, and about half a dozen clean pairs of undies.

      The weather looks nice and the sun is heating up my room like a greenhouse, but it’s still quite chilly outside. About 10*, I would think, which is positively warm compared to the last few days! But I still wouldn’t want to walk about without a jumper or a jacket.

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