The Fourth Day – ANZAC Graves (Jerusalem)

I am. So. Exhausted.

Today has not been a good day.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Everything started normally. Six layers of clothes. Breakfast – on time, almost early, for once in this trip. Leaving with the bus.

Map - Memorial

I was actually quite excited about our first stop – the WWI ANZAC and British Cemetery.

When I turned on the camera, I discovered that the screen had broken. I’m not sure how – presumably it was pressed against something or bumped against something at some point between getting back yesterday and turning on today – but what started as a small black dot in the morning grew to engulf the whole screen, except for one fuzzy little corner, but midday.

And there’s no viewfinder other than the screen.

I informed Diane, from whom I borrowed the camera, the moment I discovered it, of course. Although she seemed more concerned that I wouldn’t be able to take pictures, that doesn’t change the fact that I had broken her belonging while it was in my possession.

Anyway, most of today’s pictures are point-the-camera-and-hope-for-the-best type pictures.

01 - Marker

Australians and Kiwis will recognise this insignia

02 - Field

I found three Hays on the “no known grave” wall.

03 - No Known Grave

03 - Hay and Morris

look! A Hay and a Morris together!

03 - Essex Reigment

03 - Hay-Smith

It’s a statistical certainty that, had I had enough time, I would have found a Hay in the actual graves. Instead, I found the tombstone of William Shakespeare.

05 - William Shakespeare

There was an “unknown soldier” on just about every aisle I went down. Some had the regiment listed, but others simply said “known unto God” underneath a plain cross.

04 - Recent Visitor

someone’s had a recent visitor

There are four ANZAC-British WWI cemeteries in the country: Chaifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Ber Sheva. We’ll be going to the one in Ber Sheva (Beersheba) on the weekend.


5 thoughts on “The Fourth Day – ANZAC Graves (Jerusalem)

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    shame about the camera – but the photos are turning out okay anyway. Sorry you are so tired. Obviously it was a busy day. Hope you can mange the rest of the time.

  2. jedika98 says:

    The war memorial looks good – well it looks like every other war memorial I’ve ever been to but the photos look good.

  3. Jo Creek says:

    If that’s how good your photos turn out without using a screen, then you are doing very well! They are excellent; well-centred, clear and interesting. I told Richard about what happened to the camera and he said his Go-Pro doesn’t have a screen and he employs the ‘point & shoot’ technique (with less impressive results, I must say, but that may have something to do with him riding a mountain bike or hurtling down a water-slide at the same time 🙂 ).
    You are nearing the home stretch of the tour and once you head out into the country again it may be less tiring. Persevere and enjoy, because you may never have this opportunity again!

    • Rachel says:

      I *am* cropping them a bit before I post them. I discovered a while ago that if I try to post full-sized photos, I very quickly run up to my allowed photo storage on the site, so I shrink them and crop them a bit. They’d be nowhere near as centred if it weren’t for that.

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