The Fourth Day – Wall Walk (Jerusalem)

Map - Dropped Off

Tzion dropped us somewhere near the south-eastern corner of the city, and we jumped off and walked towards the Jaffa Gate.

01 - Jaffa Gate

To get to the top of the wall, we had to ascend a somewhat rickety-looking metal spiral staircase. Now, I’m sure it was perfectly sturdy. And I’ve never been scared of heights. But I could see the ground disappearing below me, and I freaked out.

I think walking down those awful metal stairs into the water cistern at Megiddo set me off. I had a panic attacked and ran off onto the first bit of stone the stairs led to.

Map - Wall Walk

I don’t have many pictures from the wall walk, mostly because I was too absolutely terrified the whole way along. Here are some one of the other group members has contributed.

02 - On Top of Jaffa Gate

on top of Jaffa gate

03 - On a Turret

climbing around a turret

Finally, we left the wall, and walked into the Jewish Quarter for lunch.

Map - Lunch

I got yiros for lunch (and it was yiros-shaped, too, not in a pita) and a drink for 46 shekels (approximately $16). That’s two-thirds the price of yesterday’s lunch, and much nicer, too.

05 - Yiros





3 thoughts on “The Fourth Day – Wall Walk (Jerusalem)

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    from the photos, I can see why you were terrified. I would imagine most people would be.

  2. jedika98 says:

    I hope you are alright now. Your lunch looks nice though.

  3. Jo Creek says:

    It’s great that people can share photos so willingly and easily. I hope you’re feeling okay now.

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