The Sixth Day – Bet Guvrin (Judaea)

At the end of the Elah Valley is the Bet Guvrin National Park.

Map - Bet Guvrin

01 - Mascot

this is the mascot of the national parks in Israel


The area has lots of limestone in the ground, but some harder rock I didn’t catch the name of on top. This means it’s just perfect for manmade caves.

02 - Up

halfway down, looking back

03 - Down

halfway down, looking forward

My foot really isn’t like steps. Or bending, really, which is necessary for steps (the things you don’t realise until it hurts). So I only went far enough to see into the cave.

04 - Pigeon Hall

Can you believe it’s all hand-carved and all original, several thousand years old?

People used to live down here and breed pigeons down here.

05 - Pigeonholes

Pigeonholes. Real pigeonholes, not metaphorical ones for books.

There were two other holes the others went down, but I refrained. I realised about this time that I was overdue for painkillers.

07 - Lime Factory

Yuval said this one was a lime factory. They quarried the limestone, and then either carved it into bricks or smashed it up to make lime to paint with.

08 - Hole in the Ground

I’m not sure what this hole in the ground was. Probably residential or something, given that it came out at the other end somewhere near the bus; Yuval warned that there would be a lot of steps, so I walked back towards the bus overland.

06 - Rock

These rocks were places every hundred metres or so between the caves.

09 - Limestone

A limestone step with modern carvings.

10 - Beware the Holes

A cautionary sign at the entrance to the footpath. Apparently some people who have “gone exploring” in the past have fallen into holes and only been discovered years later as skeletons. I don’t know how true that is, but it’s a chilling thought, that one might fall into a hole and die there, days or weeks later, from dehydration or starvation, with no-one knowing where you are.


One thought on “The Sixth Day – Bet Guvrin (Judaea)

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    At least there were lots of other things you could look at rather than go down a hole!

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