The Sixth Day – The Elah Valley (Judaea)

After Herodion, we headed south-west, passing through the Elah valley.

Map - Elah Valley

We went through twice – on the way there and on the way back – so I’ve included here photos from both trips.

01 - Rachel's Tomb.jpg

how eerie. but I begin to suspect there’s been another, slightly more famous Rachel in this area

02 - Valley

I don’t know what this valley’s called

04 - Mountain Farming

Yuval calls this “mountain farming”. Essentially, it’s building an orchard on terraces.

05 - Elah Valley

the Elah Valley

06 - Hitch-Hiker

a random hitch-hiker. he appears also to have a swag

07 - Well

A well of the sort one reads about in the stories of Moses and Rebekah (except without the metal grille in those stories). There’s a lot of limestone in this area, which is very soft – notice the grooves on the edge which have been formed by rope rubbing there.

08 - Servo

We stopped at a service station for lunch. The food was sub-par by comparison to previous days.

09 - Lunch

This is the first… ah, disgusting?… food I’ve had in Israel. Although the “fruit water” was all right.

10 - Unwrapped

I concede it doesn’t look too bad. You can’t see the inside, though. Ah, well, it cost me 27 shekels 70 (almost exactly $10).

I did see this interesting packaging from someone else, though.

11 - Doritos

The service station was right at the head of Elah Valley.

12 - Me at Elah Junction

On the hill to my left (on the right) are the ruins of Azekah; the battle between David and Goliath happened somewhere between Azekah and Socho.


3 thoughts on “The Sixth Day – The Elah Valley (Judaea)

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    good to see the weather is not too bad. Lots of Rachel signs!

  2. astraya says:

    Are there any/many David signs?

  3. Rachel says:

    I don’t recall seeing many for places/towns/sites, but within Jerusalem, there was “David’s City”, “David’s Tower”, “David’s Tomb”, and so on.

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