The Seventh Day – Shabbat Morning (Jerusalem)

I am at the lowest place on earth and it is so cool.

But more on that later. I started off today in Jerusalem.

01 - Sunrise

The streets were practically deserted, but there were a lot of men in prayer shawls, and other people out and about walking – many presumably to a synagogue.

02 - Man 1

02 - Man 2

We quickly heading out of Jerusalem, through the checkpoint, and into Bedouin-by-the-road country.

03 - Bedouin Settlement

… including a stretch of road which seems to double as a market.

04 - Bedouin Market

04 - Pots for Sale

Once again, lots of building work in Israel.

03 - Development Coming

I’m going to stop here for now, before we get to the first site of the day. But rest assured, I did more today. But it’s late and I’m tired, and since we’re not leaving until 10:30 tomorrow, I’ll post the rest in the morning – so you’ll find out why I started posting later in the evening… tomorrow.


One thought on “The Seventh Day – Shabbat Morning (Jerusalem)

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    looking forward to hearing the rest………..

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