The Seventh Day – Ein Gedi (Dead Sea)

Just a little bit further down the coast, and we reached Ein Gedi.

Map - En Gedi

Apparently it’s a kibbutz which also houses a youth hostel, but it’s sort of more like a hiking nature trail national park thing – more built up than the other national parks. At the base, it has the feel of a strange sort of Hawaiian hippy camp.

01 - En Gedi

We set out along the first bit of the trail, which was reasonably flat.

02 - Mountain

We saw a lot of coneys…

… and these brown-winged black birds I didn’t catch the name of.

03 - Black Bird

We didn’t see any ibex, which are apparently meant to be all over the area.

We made it to a waterfall…

06 - Waterfall

… and that’s where I stayed, because it was steps and steep after that and my foot really doesn’t like steps at the moment (ramps and steep flat bits are okay. But not steps).

07 - Me

After I got to base camp, maybe half a dozen others filtered back now and then, having given up on the advanced trail early.

You could see Matsada, looking blue, in the distance.

08 - Mountains

And some youths were busy buttsurfing down a steep hillside.

09 - Buttsurfing

At the base, I bought a passionfruit slushy…

10 - Passionfruit Slushy

… And talked to Ruth, Yuval’s wife, who has come along for the last two days. She’s from the Netherlands, and speaks much better English than he does.

11 - No Dishwashing



One thought on “The Seventh Day – Ein Gedi (Dead Sea)

  1. Jo Creek says:

    That’s a nice photo of you at the waterfall.

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