The Seventh Day – The Dead Sea

From Ein Gedi, we continued further south towards our hotel for the night.

Map - Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is shrinking, due to both Israel and Jordan taking water from further up-stream, and is now divided into two parts, joined only by a small man-made canal.

11 - Channel

I was a little disappointed when we first approached our hotel, because it is very much a holiday resort (and a little bit under construction). But the view from our room was fabulous.

12 - View

We hurried to change and get down to the beach.

13 - Going Swimming

14 - Beach

Most seas are between 3% and 4% salty. The Dead Sea is 37% salty. We were warned against having open cuts and grazes and so forth, but they only stung for about a second. But after you’ve been in the sea for maybe ten or fifteen minutes, it starts really stinging all over.

It was still really fun, though.

15 - Floating

Here I am, in pin drop position, my feet about a metre from the bottom. I asked one of the others to try to shove me in and we couldn’t get my shoulders under. At all.

I much preferred this standing up thing to the back- or front-floating others, but here’s a quick one of me in the classic “Dead Sea” position.

16 - Floating



4 thoughts on “The Seventh Day – The Dead Sea

  1. Ruth Hay says:

    wow, that looks so much fun – and I know you float anyway so for you to float even more must have been very interesting. You look like you are all enjoying the experience.

  2. Jo Creek says:

    Wow, what an experience!

  3. Joy says:

    You so look like your mother in the drop pin position photo!
    looks like great fun though. Was the water cold?

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