Israel – The Things They Don’t Tell You – Modern Art

This is the third and final instalment of my pictures and discussion of Israel’s infrastructure – the nitty-gritties of every day live which help form the character of any given place, but which no-one talks about.

Previously, I’ve discussed public toilets, service stations, recycling and bottle depositories, town planning, and washing. Now I’m moving on from sensitive issues to talk about something a bit different: modern art.

It’s everywhere. If there’s one thing which characterises the modern Israeli city or town, I think it would be modern art. And the occasional Big Thing.

Big Things - Nveh Atiyv, Golan

Big Skis in Nveh Atiyv, Golan

Big Things - Ein Gev, Galilee

The Big Orange in Ein Gev, Galilee, looks distinctly more orange-like than Berri’s version (South Australia)… even if it is smaller.

The modern art sometimes made sense, as in the case of this whale sculpture in Joffa, the port from which Jonah left:

Modern Art - Joffa Old City

Even if it has a strangely happy, slightly creepy face.

Sometimes it didn’t.

Modern Art - Joffa Old City 1

Okay, it’s an orange tree. Joffa used to grow oranges commercially. That’s why Jaffas are orange and round.

Still, it’s a hanging tree growing out of a giant egg.

And some made less sense that that.

Along the path to the top of Mount Ben Tal, in the Golan, are a series of scrap-metal creatures.

You can probably tell I don’t really get modern art.

Modern Art - Near En Gev, Galilee

A giant fisherman overlooking Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee)




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