Easter and Evangelism

Since I’m down with the dreaded lurgey such that I couldn’t go to church this morning, I instead pressed YouTube into service as a substitute.

Unfortunately, yoogling “easter sermon” results in many thumbnails of what appear to be American “evangelical” preachers (and I use the word “evangelical” quite wrongly but in the popular definition to mean that particular branch of Christianity which relishes in yelling from pulpits and singing overly repetitious “praise choruses” glorifying how great everything is now for the individual).

Since I felt, in my infirmity, that I couldn’t handle an American yelling at me from the computer, I kept scrolling until I found the first thing that looked as though it definitely wouldn’t be:

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Easter 2015 sermon.

Dare I say my parish priests could take preaching lessons from him? It’s quite good. You can tell that one of the Archbishop’s top priorities is evangelism.

YouTube then directed me to this hour-long lecture by the same man entirely on the topic of evangelism and witness.

This one is exactly what is trying to be conveyed to me in a subject this term called “Missional Church”.

I suppose, now, next time one of my classmates asks me which preacher I like listening to online, rather than saying that I don’t listen to sermons online (which has previously been the case, bucking the trend again), I’ll have to answer “the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.”

Take that, American megachurch spielmongers!


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