Describing God

God isn’t like us. He created the universe, so He’s not part of it like we are. He’s also bigger than the universe. He’s everywhere in it; no matter where you are, even if you’re on the moon, God is still there. But it’s not like everything is God, so we can’t say that God is the world or the trees or people, but He is there. He didn’t just make everything and then abandon it. He’s still here. Because God created the universe, He also created time. So He’s not part of time, like we are. We have a beginning and an end, but God doesn’t. Because God created the universe, He can do anything. If He created everything, why shouldn’t He be able to do something that seems impossible within what He’s created?

God isn’t physical like us. We have our physical bodies, so we’re stuck moving through time and moving through space. God is spiritual and not physical, so He doesn’t have these limitations. Because we’re physical, we also have limited knowledge. We can only know and remember so much. God doesn’t have that problem, either; He knows everything. But just because God isn’t a physical being like us doesn’t mean He isn’t a person. If He weren’t a person, we couldn’t know Him. The whole point of us is to have a relationship with God, and we couldn’t have a relationship with Him if He weren’t a person.

It might be scary to think that God is everywhere, and knows everything, and can do anything. But because it’s God, it isn’t. God is loving and wants to have a relationship with us. He doesn’t do things to hurt us. He is righteous and just, though, so sometimes He judges and punishes, but He does it for our benefit, so that we can be better than we are, because He knows what we’re capable of. Because God is outside time, He doesn’t change, like we do. He just is. He is true and genuine – He is what He is, and what he is is faithful and reliable. Because He doesn’t change, He isn’t unpredictable – we know that what God has shown Himself to be in the past is true now and in the future, too.

So what is God like, in three words? He is different, He is better, and He is reliable.

Submitted March 2016

Assignment: Take ten minutes to write down a description of God using language you would use when communicating with someone from a non-church background. Then narrow your description of God to just three words.


2 thoughts on “Describing God

  1. […] How does the concept of God portrayed in the video clip compare to the description you wrote earlier? […]

  2. Jo Creek says:

    Excellent description, Rachel.

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