Hear Me On the Radio

Tune in to 5-EBI at 103.1FM, digital EBI-World, or via live-stream at 1230h (12:30pm) to hear me:

Tuesday the 18th of October (as a guest co-host with Jim and Des)

Tuesday the 25th of October (as a guest interviewee with Margot)

Tuesday the 29th of November (as host and operator)

Remember, 12:30 on Tuesdays is Reidio Albannach (Scottish Radio Hour). Don’t worry, it’s (almost entirely) in English. Stay tuned afterwards to listen to Raidio Eireannach (Irish Radio Hour) from 1:30 until 2:30, or listen on Saturdays at 5pm for Celtic Hour. All times are Central Australian time.



3 thoughts on “Hear Me On the Radio

  1. Jo Creek says:

    Interesting. What are you talking about?

    • Rachel says:

      The interview with Margot talks mostly about learning Gaelic, and a bit about playing fiddle (and actually playing the fiddle) and about the EBI training course. Plus some background information introducing two songs. That’ll be in the first half hour of the programme.

      I haven’t got an answer from Jim and Des about what we’ll be talking about and suspect I might be more of an incidental co-host than actually talking about anything. However, Margot suggests that Jim might want to talk about Hay stuff (he’s a Hay) and that Des will probably talk about Gaelic (he’s in the class).

      As for my first whole programme in November, the Scottish Radio Hour usually includes some general news from Scotland and Australia, local Scottish news from Adelaide and Australia, a “what’s on” section, and a variety of different music – male voice, female voice, instrumental, highlands, lowlands, and at least 10% Australian-produced. It’s a bit too early to say what I’ll do in the hour, though – it’s usual to tie the music in to whatever’s being talked about, so I’ll have to wait and see what’s happening in the news.

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