Welcome to the place where I attempt to sort out my thoughts about my faith!

If you’re not sure what Christianity is, or you’d like to find out more, here are some places to start:

Who is God, and what is He like?

What is Sin? How can we still do good things? How does the Gospel fix it?

For a more complex description of Christianity, particularly its historical roots and background, check out God and Science.


09-2016 – The Pluriunity of God in the Old Testament

– Sin #1: What is Sin? A Simple Explanation
– Sin #2: If We Are Sinful, How Can We Do Good?
– Sin #3: How Does the Gospel Fix Sin?

A Brief Background on the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-21)
A Brief History of Christian Fasting
Interfering Worldviews and Misused Languages: A Response to the “Alien Jesus” Hypothesis
The Problem of Clarity, and What it Means to Be a Christian
Realisation of an Unreasonable Hope: A Response to Visions of the Future

06-2016 – One Path to God’s End: Complacency and Evangelism

05-2016 – Pentecost & God’s Mission

Dawkins’ “The Problem with Religion”: A Response
Concepts of God: A Response
The Authority of the Scriptures: A Response
What if God chose Australia as the Promised Land?: A Speculation

03-2016 – Theology and introductory logic collided today in this response to the idea of creation: Belief of Origin – A Choice of Two Narratives.

11-2015 – For you sci-fi and Doctor Who fans, check out my post God, Christ, and “The Zygon Inversion”.

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