This is where I collect the films and documentaries I’ve watched and shared. Many of them are in or about minority (mostly Celtic) languages.

Gàidhlig / Gaelic
An Ceasnachadh / Interrogation of a Highland Lass
I Shall Not Die
Sabhal Mòr Ostaig
Wind of the Spirit
A’ Seinn an Aghaidh na Balbhachd

Gaeilge / Irish
It’s a Blas
An Féidir Linn? / Can We?
Yu Ming is Ainm Dom / My Name is Yu Ming
Fíorghael / Real Irish
Fluent Dysphasia

Gaelg / Manx
From Tony Blair to a Dead Language

Cymraeg / Welsh
The Welsh Knot
Patagonia with Huw Edwards
Make Me Welsh

Kernewek / Cornish
Elizabeth Speaking Cornish

E Brezhoneg, mar plij!

Australian Languages
Keep Our Languages Alive (Noongar)

Arranged Marriage


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