Spain 2013

Travelling There

The First Leg – Adelaide to Melbourne

The Second Leg – Melbourne to Hong Kong

The Third Leg – Hong Kong to Heathrow

The Fourth Leg – Heathrow to Madrid

The Fifth Leg – Madrid to Salamanca

While There

The First Day – Monday

Aside – Swimming in Spain

The Second Day – Tuesday

The Third Day – Wednesday

The Fourth Day – Thursday

The Fifth Day – Friday

The Sixth Day – Saturday – Including pictures of Toledo

The Seventh Day – Sunday

The Eighth Day – Monday

The Tenth Day – Wednesday

The Eleventh Day – Thursday

The Twelfth Day – Friday – Including pictures of Salamanca

Travelling Back

The First Leg – Salamanca to Madrid

The Second Leg – Madrid to Heathrow

Interlude – Delayed in Heathrow Airport

The Third Leg – Heathrow to Singapore

Interlude – The Sydney Transfer

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