The Road from Adelaide to Melbourne

I’ve been meaning to do a post on the Adelaide-Melbourne run for a while, since I find myself making the trip reasonably often.


It’s about 800km, all on the one road, so it’s a pretty easy trip. Except for the stretch of road between Horsham and the border. Actually, any part of the road in Victoria further away from Melbourne than Beaufort at a stretch. But never mind that.

There are a couple of good places to stop for a meal along the road:


Jager’s BP, Tailem Bend

Where: on the left, just before the town (from Melbourne) or on the right, just after the town (from Adelaide)

Eat-in: fully air-conditioned, with complementary chilled water and couches; menu is very tasty, varied, healthy and reasonably-priced

Take-away: all the usual suspects, all the usual prices

Service: cannot be faulted; staff are friendly, welcoming, and prompt

Toilets: a little scrungey

Other Attractions: the balcony is literally over the river, so it’s a good view


BP Roadhouse, Keith

Where: on the right, very shortly after “commodore on a pole” (from Adelaide) or on the left, just before the down (from Melbourne)

Eat-in: air-conditioned, but fairly basic dining facilities; menu is reasonably good, with lamb rump steaks with chips and vegetables currently going for around $13 each

Take-away: all the usual suspects, all the usual prices

Service: practical and utilitarian; not rude, but they don’t go out of their way to be welcoming

Toilets: unpleasant, but mostly tolerable

Other Attractions: um… it’s near a commodore on a pole?


Olivia Rose Café, Nhill

Where: on the left, just before the round-about (from Adelaide; or take a slip-road across the median strip to approach it from the same direction when coming from Melbourne)

Eat-in: air-conditioned, a varied and healthy menu at reasonable prices; gluten- and dairy-free options

Take-away: I don’t think they do take-away

Service: friendly; it’s a café, not a roadhouse

Toilets: just across the road, on the median strip; public toilets are basic but clean

Other Attractions: Nhill


Koala Kitchen, Dadswells Bridge

Where: on the left (from Melbourne) or right (from Adelaide), just behind the giant koala

Eat-in: air-conditioned, a varied menu at reasonable prices, but mostly featuring lots of turkey; turkey sausages with chips and salad goes at $12.30

Take-away: all the usual suspects (pies, pasties, sausage roles) at the usual prices

Service: a mother and son, not overly friendly but polite and prompt

Toilets: very good

Other Attractions: there’s a three-storey-tall fibreglass koala, a native animals petting enclosure ($5 for adults, free for children with an adult; entry includes the price of feed), and a turkey farm across the road




Mo Sheachdain Fhathast

Bha cèist eile ann an t-seachdain seo a dh’fhreagairt mi: “Innis dhuinn càite an tèid thu-fhèin fhathast an t-seachdain seo.”

An t-seachdain seo, chaidh mi fhathast dhan oilthigh (gu dearbh) Di-Màirt agus Di-Ciadain. Chaidh mi dhan Beann Bharcair feasgar airson leasan dràibheadh. Agus aig deireadh na seachdaine, chaidh mi dhan dheas, dhan fhearann faisg air Baile Chèith. Tha oileanaich anns mo chlàs aig an oilthigh às Baile Chèith agus dh’fhuirich sinn aig fearann am pàraintain. Di-Sathuirne chaidh sinn dhan toillean fo thalamh faisg air Naracòrt (chan eil Naracòrt fada bho Baile Chèith).

na toillean fo thalamh faisg air Naracort – Naracoorte Caves

an diprotodon (uombat mor) aig beul nam pairc – the diprotodon (giant wombat) at the entrance to the park

There was another question this week that I answered: “Tell us where you’ve gone already this week.”

This week, I’ve already been to uni (of course) on Tuesday and Wednesday. I went to Mount Barker for a driving lesson this afternoon. And during the weekend, I went south, to a farm near Keith. Some students in my class at uni are from Keith and we stayed at their parents’ farm. On Saturday we went to the Naracoorte caves (Naracoorte isn’t far from Keith).