Reflective Paragraphs Week 5 – 1 Corinthians 1-3


The first three chapters are almost bookended – almost – by desperate urgings against sectarianism (1:10-17 and 3:1-4). It’s funny how Protestants claim to be following the Bible and only the Bible and not allowing human traditions to get in the way, and yet if any Christian group can be accused of sectarianism, it’s the Protestants. Just the fact that I can use the words “Christian group” should be something of a tip-off. I’ve said for a while that I find the whole concept of denominations petty and unbiblical – that’s why I won’t give a denomination for my own identity and regularly attend three or four completely different churches – but if there’s one thing that could ever lure me to Catholicism or Orthodoxy, it would be the lack of sectarianism.